This Is What One Looks Like

Just like that, I blinked, and found another one of my children’s first year of life under wraps. That first year is such a tiring and challenging one, but it is also filled with so many great milestones and memories. From the “10 o’clock scream” where she cried and cried starting at 10pm for at least an hour, every single night for months–no matter if we had her asleep well before then! To around the clock nursing, rocking, consoling, and feeling the warmth of a little baby noggin’ nuzzled against my chest. To her first smiles and giggles and discovery of her toes, to her first real food and constant changing of clothes (and no I didn’t mean to rhyme there!). I would mention crawling and walking, but she has yet to accomplish either of those two things just yet. 😉

My Isla, you are ONE! I can’t help but get emotional when I think back to this very day one year ago. From a labor that was smooth and beautiful to a delivery and recovery that was scary, chaotic, and filled with uncertainty. Ultimately, bringing you into this world made my faith in the Lord grow even stronger. His peace is tangible. His grace is enough. His blessings are abundant and I remember all of these things every time I hold you in my arms. Cody and I are so grateful to have you on loan from the Lord, and strive every day to raise you as a little lady who will live up to the meaning of your name: “devoted to God”. Oh Isla Rae, your sweet little spirit is such a joy to all who meet you. I’m excited to see how you bloom and blossom in year two of your precious life!

We cannot thank our friends and family enough who have helped us navigate this first year. They say it takes a community to raise a child, let alone two, and we have definitely felt just that!

For her first birthday we had our immediate family over for some lunch and goodies at “Isla’s Ice Cream Parlor”. It turned out pretty sweet! 😉 Happy Birthday Isla girl. You sure are loved!

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